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Alex went to his friend’s house to pick him up. They were supposed to go to the gym together. Alex’s friend was not home. There was only his mom – Rachel. She showed up in a super sexy gym clothes showing her big boobs. It turned down his friend had to come picking up the girlfriend and forgot to let him know. But Rachel was so happy to come with him to the gym instead. He decided to wait for her in the living room.

Rachel handed him a bottle of water. She sat down and could not help noticing how big his muscles are. She complimented him on how hard he must have been working out for this result. Rachel then asked him to help her as she would worked on the squat that day. Alex agreed right away without thinking. But then Rachel kept touching his thighs and cock. Her sexy moves and boobs of course made him so horny. He did not know what to do next. Rachel offered to pre-workout a little bit at home before going to the gym. Then she pulled down his shorts and gave him a blowjob. The two promised each other to keep this as a secret to their family. And they look both satisfied with their new workout partners.

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