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Alex could not sleep tonight. He kept laying in bed with his eyes open. Then he walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge looking for food. All of a sudden, his friend’s step mom – Heather – appeared. He was surprised that Heather is still awake. She was wearing nothing but a shirt with some buttons open. Heather offered to make him some cookies to eat. She thanked him to come over to spend some time with Andy. Andy does not have many friends and is usually quite. Heather even asked him to come and stay over more often, anytime he wants. Alex could not help but noticing Heather was not wearing a bra. Her big tits were bouncing all the time.

Later, the two jumped into each other in the bathroom. This time, Heather was wearing her lingerie only. Heather offered him to meet in her bedroom so they could talk about what bothered him. Alex could not wait that long. He walked in as she was lying on her bed, looking sexy in her pink lingerie. As the conversation went on, Heather kept touching him and revealed her secret as well. She took off her bra and asked him to toucher her huge boobs. Alex did not hesitate to do as she said. But the two had to be quite as Andy could wake up any minute.

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