My Step Mom Helps Me Relieved The Tension In Bed


Jason and his step mom travelled together on a short trip. They booked a lovely hotel but they would never expect this situation. The hotel made a mistake and gave them only one room. It was on the tourist month so the hotel was booked out. The step mom went the negotiated with them but there was nothing she could do. They decided to spend one time together on the same bed.

The step mom was so tired after the fight. She went and took a bath. She was wearing a very sexy black lingerie. Since it was a rush trip, she forgot to bring her sleeping dress with her. The step mother opened the bathroom door and told Jason to close his eyes. She naked tip toed to the bed.

The two said good night and went on sleep naked. Jason could not help but peaking at his step mom’s big boobs. He looked under the blanket to see her ass as well. She was still sleeping. He gently touched her ass without letting her waking up. It is such a big round ass and a nice pussy. He moaned “Oh my god” as he saw it. Then he went back and started to jerk off. But this woke his step mom. She turned around and asked him why he was awake. Seeing his dick raised up, she understood everything. The step mom went on and help her son felt easier on bed.

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